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I'm a Midwest gal that somehow ended up in The Holy City and turned southern belle-ish during the process. A graduate of The Ohio State University where I studied floral design & marketing, as well as agricultural communication. I work in publishing as a graphic designer where we produce six lifestyle + bridal publications around the high and low country. I also side hustle as a floral party host with @FetesdeFleurs AND as a city rep for @Bumble. In my free time (what free time?) I can be found drinking sweet tea, looking for the best trivia location, or watching Buckeye football. Okay, let's be real, watching any college football.

Flower Crown Partying on Isle of Palms

Flower Crown Partying on Isle of Palms

Hey everyone, Molly here!

Saturday I got to hang out and make flower crowns with the Bride to Be: Anna, and 10 of her bride tribe friends in the cutest little condo on Isle of Palms! (If you don't know the Charleston area, Isle of Palms or as we Charlestonians call it IOP is one of the three beaches the Charleston area has to offer!)

Now I love a good bachelorette party right in the middle of the downtown Charleston, but can we talk about how perfect having a bachelorette party is that’s RIGHT on the beach? We highly recommend checking our Charleston beach Airbnbs as you plan your Charleston bachelorette party weekend


This group of ladies chose silk florals to keep the floral fun going the whole weekend and once they returned home. This option is good for when the bachelorette group wants to be able to wear their flower crowns for more than just the bachelorette weekend! (maybe to work, too? ha!)

(PS-Planning a bachelorette party? We do real flower crowns or silk flower crown parties!)

The flowers are ready to go & the mimosas are ready to flow! Let's get this flower party started ladies!

The flowers are ready to go & the mimosas are ready to flow! Let's get this flower party started ladies!

Before our party, our bride sent us an inspiration picture of what kind of flowers and color scheme she would love to have for the flower crowns. We went with shades of pinks and a few yellow and white flowers for additional color! We love to get an floral inspiration board via Pinterest or some photos of flower crowns that the bride tribe likes before a flower crown party so we can think about those colors when sourcing for your party. 

When we host our flower crown parties, we always accommodate flowers that are in season! Personally, I think spring and summer has some of the prettiest florals, which makes me so excited for upcoming flower parties for the Spring and Summer season ahead! 


Their bachelorette theme for their weekend was called: Boats N' Hoes... the theme of the weekend! ;) We loved this! It is so fun to learn about the bride to be and why they pick Charleston as well as the story behind how the bride met the man of her dreams! 

After our morning session of crafting our flower crowns, the ladies were ready to hit the beach for a day of sun and a night on the town... in their flower crowns!!

Saturdays are  actually  for the girls!

Saturdays are actually for the girls!

Congrats to our bride, Anna! We had the best time with you and your friends! 

Ready to schedule your own DIY floral crown bar for a party, shower, girls night? Dates + times are filling up quickly for the Spring and Summer seasons, so hurry up and schedule your next floral party!

We hope to flower party with you all soon! 

xoxo, Molly

Basic Bachelorette Flower Partying

Basic Bachelorette Flower Partying

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