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I'm a Midwest gal that somehow ended up in The Holy City and turned southern belle-ish during the process. A graduate of The Ohio State University where I studied floral design & marketing, as well as agricultural communication. I work in publishing as a graphic designer where we produce six lifestyle + bridal publications around the high and low country. I also side hustle as a floral party host with @FetesdeFleurs AND as a city rep for @Bumble. In my free time (what free time?) I can be found drinking sweet tea, looking for the best trivia location, or watching Buckeye football. Okay, let's be real, watching any college football.

72 Hours in Asheville, NC

72 Hours in Asheville, NC


We left Charleston pretty early on Friday morning making us arrive to Asheville around 1pm. So so so much rain on our travels there, but luckily the clouds parted AFTER we unloaded the car! We stayed at my company’s condo right in the middle of downtown Asheville- perfect location for getting around the city by foot.

After we were all settled, we set out for a bite to eat! We chose Farm Burger which was one block away from where we were staying.

We both got the No. 1 Farm Burger with a side of pimento cheese fries. I can already tell you there was zero leftovers!

Once we wrapped up lunch, we headed by foot to hit up some of the local breweries. We stumbled on this cool bus -LaZoom- and wish we would have planned a little more for our day in Asheville because it looked so so cool! It’s a party bus with live music that takes you from brewery to brewery! Unfortunately it was sold out for the night (and apparently upcoming weeks), so I would advise booking ASAP if it looks like something you’re into!

We ended up stopping in Green Man Brewery where we both grabbed a drink and played some connect four while drinking on their outdoor patio! (Second pic shows who won!)

Our next stop was Burial Beer Co.’s brewery. This place was so cool from inside to outside and even the rooftop overlooking the southend of Asheville!

It started POURING about 1 minute after this photo was taken!

It started POURING about 1 minute after this photo was taken!

Heyy you guyssss.

Heyy you guyssss.

Before we ended the night, we hit up One World Brewery for one more drink + some games. A live band was set to perform later that night, but we were exhausted from the traveling and walking, plus it was starting to rain again! We opted out for a takeout pizza from Manicomio and a bottle of wine from Asheville Wine Market that were both located down the street from where we were staying. We settled into the condo and queued up Netflix so we could watch a little Imposters!


We planned on waking up Saturday morning and doing a little more exploring, but this was our second trip to Asheville together and I think we were just ready to hit the trail- literally!

The early riser waiting on her counterpart to wake up!

The early riser waiting on her counterpart to wake up!

I had done some previous research on places to eat before we left, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to hit up Biscuit Head, one of the top places to grab brunch on every blog post about Asheville! However, with every good brunch place comes long lines + wait times. We hit up both locations before we made the executive decision to try something else. We had already planned to hit up the little mountain town of Brevard, so luckily one of the restaurants we looked into was on the way!

We grabbed a gas station muffin and before I knew it we were on the Blue Ridge Parkway! The higher and higher we got to the top of the mountain (where the restaurant was located! Ahhh!) it just got even prettier and prettier!


Once we got towards the top it started to lightly rain on us a little, but something just didn’t feel right about it. It didn’t look like normal rain… mainly because it wasn’t rain. It was SNOW!

The top of the mountain was in a complete snow fog! Once we parked, we couldn’t even find the restaurant it was snowing so hard! We ended up eating at the Pisgah Inn, known for their 180 degree views except the day we went- haha!

The food was amazing, and I’m sure the views also would have been! I had the meatloaf with a side of mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese- all the carbs!

After we left, we headed down the Blue Ridge Parkway admiring all the scenic views along the way! We even made a few pit stops to enjoy some waterfalls!


Once we got into Brevard, we did some light window shopping before we hit up Oskar Blue’s Brewery, home of Dale’s Pale Ale. Such a fun atmosphere of music, outdoor seating, food trucks, and games. The only downfall- a little too chilly to sit outside!

Our next stop was our Airbnb for the night! It was definitely off the beaten path, but we needed something close to Camp Greenville since we had a really early morning on Sunday!

Located in Cleveland, SC , perfect spot for those wanting to hike or be in touch with nature!

Located in Cleveland, SC, perfect spot for those wanting to hike or be in touch with nature!

The property we stayed on was gorgeous and our hosts even allowed us to walk around! They had an incredible view of Table Rock Mountain from the backside of their property!

Gearing up for our EARLY morning!

Gearing up for our EARLY morning!

While in town, we picked up some groceries for dinner and a light breakfast! After we made dinner and watched a little TV, it was time to head to bed so we could wake up early to head to Camp Greenville!

The reasoning to head to Camp Greenville was actually so we could go to sunrise Easter service at Pretty Place Chapel, a chapel located ON TOP of the mountain! Photos will never do this place justice!

We arrived to the campgrounds around 4:15 am so we could hop in line for the shuttles to the chapel. There was probably close to 300+ attendees, so seating was overflowed onto the sides of the chapel where people had to stand. We snagged two spots in the second row. Please keep in mind we were on top of a mountain with frigid temps and heavy winds- not sure how we made it with just the one coat we each had on and the blanket we grabbed last minute!

Slightly freezing, no big deal.

Slightly freezing, no big deal.


After the service, we walked back down to the camp so we could enjoy breakfast in the camp’s cafeteria. My boyfriend spent many summers as a camper and a counselor at Camp Greenville, so I got the personal camp tour after breakfast!

After touring the campground, we made one final stop back at Pretty Place since it was a little less crowded!


On our drive back to the Airbnb, we made a few more pitstops for the scenery! This rock was covered in graffiti, but in an artistic way. We didn’t contribute to any of it.

Our next destination was unplanned, but we ended up stopping in Greenville, SC for lunch! It was my first time visiting, so I was so shocked at how pretty the riverwalk and downtown area was! We ate on the upstairs patio of a cute little italian place called Jianna. After we ate, we ended up getting a free caricature from an artist set up in the local downtown square. Caricature not pictured- ha!


All in all it was an amazing three day trip to the mountains filled with awesome food, beautiful views, and lots of memories!

Hopefully our next trip will be more detailed with even more photos of things we did! :)

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